Calling ALL Valve Professionals
& Valve Users

If you work in the valve industry or with valves and believe you should have a globally recognised qualification to endorse your skills, then Valve Academy is for you! We are building an E-learning platform to give you a pathway to gain recognition and accreditation for the skills and experience you have worked so hard to achieve.

If you would like to start your journey, enrol in the Valve Academy now and we will give you FREE no-obligation access to our taster module so you can see the shape of things to come!

Our industry has been unregulated for far too long. After all you wouldn’t board a plane with an unqualified pilot, so it’s shocking that someone in the process industry, who may have limited knowledge and experience, could be responsible for fitting a valve in a nuclear power station. Or a sales person with no valve qualifications could be responsible for specifying a valve and actuator package for a multi-million-pound chemical plant.

Until now there has been NO industry-recognised, accredited training for professionals specialising in valves to aspire to.

Valve Academy changes everything ENROL NOW to start your journey!

Who is Valve Academy for?

Valve Sales Professionals

Valve Academy is for you if you work within the industry as a sales professional and would like a qualification to demonstrate your level of experience, skill, and understanding.

Valve Users

Do you currently work with valves as part of your process or are responsible for the maintenance on your plant? Valve Academy will certify your skillset.


As a reseller would you like a better understanding of the valve, actuation and control products you are buying and selling? Valve Academy is the place for you to acquire this knowledge.


Do you run an organisation that employs people who need valve knowledge and experience? If so the Valve Academy e-learning platform is ideal for delivery of this kind of training and keeping track of your employee’s progress.


Are you currently involved in an Engineering apprenticeship and would like to develop a better understanding of valves, actuators, and controls? If so, then Valve Academy is for you.

Purchasing Professionals

Are you responsible for purchasing valves, actuators, and control equipment and would like a better understanding of this type of product? If so, Valve Academy is for you.